I build
Money machines
(online sales funnels)
It's almost 2019, if you don't have at least ONE stream of income coming in hot from the internet, you're not winning life.
Applications Typically Responded To Within 24 Hours
You can either find a way, or find an excuse. 
But excuses don't put money in the bank.
If you can provide any sort of value to the world,
people will give you money for it online.
Every single type of business currently exists on the internet. 
There is no enterprise that cannot increase cash-flow using the net.

Whether you are currently, or planning to, provide a good or service that people pay you for in person, a sales funnel online can generate nearly-unlimited streams of income.

The beautiful part is that costs are peanuts compared to brick and mortar operations, and the reach (customer base) is global.

You're in complete control to choose the size and scope of your efforts.

Part-time, virtually hands-off, couple hours/month additional income? Yes.
Supplement a side gig or real-life part-time income? Yes.
Auto-pilot, find new customers, leads, or just add to top-line revenue? Yes.
Full-blown, quit your job operation that frees and changes your life? Yes.

None of these results are guaranteed, because these results are only bound by your efforts.

People everywhere are waking up to the realization that one can craft their destiny if they so choose, but it requires effort and dedication to knock it out of the park.


Have an idea for a project you've been itching to get off the ground? Or maybe you're a go-geter that sees it's possible and just needs the right direction to head...


So you've put in the work, done the research, and are looking for the option that makes the most sense...


You're ringing the register daily and looking to grow, add more streams of green to the company bank account.
Not matter which situation, if you're serious about winning and ready to learn how to add commas to your worth, don't wait.

I work with you to understand your customer, craft a strategy, then execute a clear, compelling sales funnel that will have customers flocking.
I'm not a coach.
I don't try to move people out of complacency, get lazy people to put in work, or help people that are not dedicated to providing value in exchange for the money they seek.

My skill sets lie in commerce and communication.
I am good at understanding what customers want and creating digital spaces that guide them through a process that results in sales and repeat clientele.

I help people deliver value to their customers and get paid for it.

Love working with eager, ambitious, creative individuals that are looking to bridge the technology gap that's keeping them from financial freedom.
Your competition is already online, capturing revenue, basking in the limitless pool of potential customers.


Determine whether you're happy where you are, or if you're ready to take the next step in your life and work towards financial freedom.


Click the button below and fill out the quick survey to help me get an idea of our potential to collaborate.


Gather your thoughts, ideas and questions and jot them down so you're ready when we talk. If your application passes on to the next phase, I'll send you available times for us to jump on a call.
I'm a patented inventor, a high school drop out, and life-long entrepreneur.
Started my first business at 15. 
Co-founded an Inc. 5000 multi-venue gym doing 7 figures in revenue at 25.
Headed the Marketing department of the world's #1 hospitality management company, based in Las Vegas, at 30.

Launched countless digital properties that have served to further my passionate pursuit for knowledge, growth, & finding unorthodox ways to get the job done. I've found life is in large part, a result of your efforts, and when you train your sights on triumph, adversity is just fuel. 

I love strategy, I love business and I love what I do --to win my way & help others do the same.
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