digital sales funnel Systems
The only decision to leave visitors, is which card they use.
People want a specific pain solved/need met when they visit a site.

The more efficient the path to checkout, the higher the rate of purchase. Conversions.

Look at it this way, when walking into Chanel or Tom Ford, the store layout is strategically composed so to entice & that the sales agent can smoothly guide the journey from understanding your needs, to presenting the product of choice with relevant upsells. 

How else could they afford prime real estate globally? 
They don't just open the doors & hope customers find something to buy--they make certain of it. 

Digital property is no different. The customer's path must be crafted so to reduce friction, enhance experience, & provide a smooth, pain-free journey to cart.

CV8.CO is custom-optimized architecture & deployment of sales funnels.

We go in 4 phases to crush the competition.
Intel - Strategy - Execution - Innovation

Armed with research, we map objectives, craft positioning strategy, 
tactically deploy & dynamically update, plans.

"Positioning is an organized system for finding a window in the mind."  -Al Ries

We maintain laser-focus on the single directive & move fluidly to accomplish missions incrementally. By making the positioning strategy the core of the operation, it ensures clear & consistent communication that strengthens the brand, increases customer satisfaction, & carves a stronghold on market share while allowing room to perpetually test & improve without veering off course--or off brand--more aptly in this case. 

With solid footing, the execution of technology/automation plans is simply a matter of implementing tactics & best practices based on data, then tuning to achieve the goals set forth. The same way a captain pilots his vessel, the business owner makes course adjustments to avoid hazards & push forward to her destination optimally.

Scroll down & book a call to see what kind of impact can be made in your enterprise.
Success is the persistent application of strategic, tactical execution.

"This shit is chess, it ain't checkers."
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30 min. Phone consult
I don't keep money from unhappy customers. 
If you feel it was of no value, I refund the call.
  • (Approx times ) 5 min. Intros
  • 10 min. Ops Assessment
  • 5 min. Priority-Issue Targeting
  • 5 min. Solutions Brainstorm
  • 5 min. Game Plan / Discussion
level the competition
By application only. 
Must book an intro call first.
  • Includes (6) 30 min. Phone Consults+
  • Opportunity Cap Analysis
  • Competitive Matrix Dismantling
  • Segment Intel & Avatar Creation
  • Positioning Comm-Strategy
Full tactical breach
By application only. 
Must book an intro call first.
  • Includes $10k Market Intel plan+
  • Omni-Chan Brand Playbook
  • Video Storyboards & Scripts (2)
  • Conversion Funnel Wireframe
  • Auto-Response Sequences (2)
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