apply for a money machine funnel
I read every single application and consider each request to assess whether we'd be a good fit. Don't hold back. And don't worry, there's no commitment here, we'll discuss the various options to move forward once we're on a call together.


The application below helps me streamline requests and best see who I can bring the most value to in a collab.


Keep an eye out for an email (I'll reach out either way, even if we're not a good fit). If we match well, I'll send you an appointment selector, choose what works best for you, plan on 15 minutes.


 Get your notes ready for our talk so you don't forget important questions, but don't sweat it too much, I'll take us through a logical sequence that usually covers the majority of topics you'll want to know.
I agree that I'm ready for a MONEY MACHINE FUNNEL, and can dedicate at least 3 hours to get started.
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